Dog First Aid – Helpful Items to Keep at Home


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It’s important to have a dog first aid kit for your pup. You never know when you’ll need a dog first aid kit, and you will be glad to have it when your best friend has an accident.

Here’s our recommended list of Dog First Aid Kit items:

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#1. Keep a list of your veterinarian’s contact information.

Also note the nearest 24hr ER vet clinic in case your vet is not available 24/7. We recommend having this on paper – you never know when your phone might run out of juice.

#2. Keep a list of bad food for dogs.

If you think your dog has eaten dangerous food or been poisoned, call your vet or the Pet Poison Hotline immediately.

#3. Tweezers.

You’ll especially need tweezers if your dog gets a tick. Our post on Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs shows how to use tweezers to pull out a tick.

#4. Kwik-Stop Styptic Gel

Forms an instant gel barrier to stop minor bleeding fast, i.e. especially for bleeding caused by clipping nails and minor cuts.

#5. Antiseptic + Antifungal Spray

Specifically formulated to help speed the healing process of cuts, scrapes, and minor abrasions. It’s a gentle, cleansing formula that does not contain alcohol and will not sting.

#6. Bandages

Need a band-aid for your dog, but it’s hard to find one that fits? PawFlex Bandages is a line of bandages just for dogs.

PawFlex bandages are a disposable non adhesive fur friendly super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit. The PawFlex sizes and designs are created for specific sized dogs and specific wound-care areas.

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Alternatively, stock some gauze pads and rolls.

#7. Dog cone

You probably already have one from your vet when your dog was spayed or neutered. The vet typically has them in clear plastic or a soft collar version.

Last time we needed a collar for our dog Kobi, a Havanese, we used a different kind of collar – an inflatable collar from BENCMATE. It seemed to fit our dog much better and he was less annoyed with it than the other collars we tried.

Keeping a first aid kit for a dog

Keeping a first aid kit for your dog is a responsible and essential part of caring for your furry friend. Accidents happen, and having a first aid kit handy can make all the difference in ensuring your dog receives prompt and appropriate treatment.

A dog first aid kit should be accessible at all times, whether you’re at home or on the go.

What should be in a first aid kit for dogs

When assembling a first aid kit for dogs, there are several items you should include.

  • Adhesive tape
  • sterile gauze
  • bandage scissors
  • antiseptic wipes
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • cotton swabs
  • thermometer

Of course, hydrogen peroxide solution and cotton swabs can be used to clean wounds and prevent infection and are necessary.

Items dog owners should consider for a dog first aid kit

Ask your vet about important items to include in case of poisoning or diarrhea, such as activated charcoal.

It is also essential to include a pair of gloves to avoid cross-contamination when administering first aid to your dog.

How to use a first aid kit for dogs

It’s important to remember that knowing how to use a first aid kit for dogs is just as important as having it on hand. Knowing the basics of first aid for dogs, such as;

  • stopping bleeding
  • performing CPR
  • handling fractures
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This can make all the difference in an emergency situation. By having a properly assembled first aid kit and the knowledge of how to use it, you can ensure that you’re prepared to handle a variety of common injuries or accidents that your dog may experience throughout their life.

We hope your pet says safe and in case of an accident, remember to call your vet asap!



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